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About Us

Thomas Meloche was a co-founder of Menlo Innovations LLC, a company made world famous in the bestselling book Joy Inc., How We Built a Workplace People Love.  A graduate of the University of Michigan with a degree in Computer Engineering, Thomas focused early in his career on people and methodology. He as consulted for many of the world's most successful firms, bringing to them the Agile organization management approach he helped create at Menlo.  


"We've captured real magic in the PEER-XL™ Program, a positive program for creating the next generation of innovative agile leaders. ”
Thomas G. Meloche, PEER-XL™ Consultant Associate

Todd Olsen spent the last 14 years of his 30-year career at Ford Motor Company serving as Director of Corporate Development.


During that time, he negotiated multi-billion-dollar deals such as the divestitures of Aston Martin, Jaguar Land Rover, and Volvo. He spent the last several years heavily involved in developing Ford’s self-driving car strategy, which included negotiating several high-tech acquisitions, investments, and partnership arrangements.

Prior to his Corporate Development role, Todd had several different finance leadership roles, including CFO of an automotive electronics company in Shanghai, China.

—Todd Olsen, PEER-XL™ Consultant Associate

“After many years of being in the training and development arena, I was tired of seeing programs that simply didn’t work – so I invested a year researching as many programs as I could find and noting what did work, what didn’t work…  Then invested another year building and testing a program that included everything that worked and found ways to mitigate or transform what didn’t…  This innovative, positive ROI program is the result.”

Leigh St John, PEER-XL™ Co-founder