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Agility | Innovation | Leadership

The most important important skills in the twenty-first century are agility, innovation, and leadership. PEER-XL™ is a new leadership program to develop agile innovative leaders who are prepared to excel in a world of accelerated and unceasing change.

Exceptional organizations all strive to achieve the following: 

  • Attract world-class talent

  • Create a desirable workplace 

  • Encourage creativity and innovation

  • Launch profitable new products and services

  • Increase collaboration and improve agility

  • Respond to real-time data with intelligent analysis and rapid change

Exceptional leaders create these outcomes while dealing with VUCA: the volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity of the modern world. PEER-XL™ builds essential business leadership skills to succeed in the modern world.


"Systems and processes drive our company. At least that’s what I thought before I did this program. My focus has shifted to placing an equal or maybe higher emphasis on the employees and their role in the organisation: how they feel, what motivates them to do their best, and what we can do to help them." —Manager, Multinational Information Technology Company


Three Leadership Essentials

  • Appreciative Change™ Moving from a change vision, to evaluation, to change manifestation in a manner which lifts the human spirit.

  • Systematic Investigation™ — Forming a hypothesis, conducting experiments, collecting data, and questioning results. 

  • Set-Driven Solutions — Overcoming personal bias to explore and discover dramatically better solutions.

Productive Work with a Positive ROI

PEER-XL™ participants do actual productive work which you keep. The program produces a measurable positive ROI, where the calculation and proof of a positive ROI is provided by the participants. At the program's capstone event, participants formally present their projects to corporate executives for sponsorship. 


"The ideas presented in these projects will translate to well over seven figures and are relevant to multiple business units. A very worthwhile investment and one we will be repeating."Multinational Engineering and Electronics Company 


"I have attended, leveraged, and licensed training from Thomas Meloche for over 15 years across three different companies in three different industries. Thousands of my staff and co-workers have benefited from his training. It is always an immersive experience where one learns by doing and receives immediate, actionable feedback - the only type of training I endorse.

PEER-XL is the next step in corporate transformation training. Designed specifically to meet executives' needs for facilitating change while simultaneously delivering positive ROI, this program recognizes successful transformations require continual and repeated attention to take root and grow. This program creates an essential framework to provide and maintain that attention.

Change is hard. PEER-XL can help you. If you are an executive responsible for leading a transformative change initiative, this is for you.”

-Heidi J. Musser, CIO USAA